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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Insurance Brokerage Firm Vacancy

Our company is an upcoming and promising Insurance Brokerage firm.
Position available now:

As the MD of the company, you will work with the Executive Management team to define and articulate the company's strategic vision, Revenue and profit objectives and work with the operating team to achieve the set objectives. You are fully responsible for the target of the company.

Job Description
• As the lead insurance broker, you act as an intermediary between clients and insurance companies. Clients may be either individuals or commercial businesses and organizations.
• You are expected to use your in-depth knowledge of risks and the insurance market to find and arrange suitable insurance policies for clients.
• As an independent insurance broker, we plan to offer products from more than one insurer to ensure that clients get the best deal. You will lead this charge and ensure this happens.
• The scope of insurance policies we carry, range from vehicle insurance which is required by law to drive a vehicle in Nigeria, to public, employers' or product liability insurance, which pays compensation on the basis of the assessment of legal liability for damage injury or harm.

• This will include revenue and profit generation, including new business development and acting as the placing broker and claims broker.

Other Tasks Are
• gathering information from clients, assessing their insurance needs and risk profile;
• building and maintaining ongoing relationships with clients including scheduling and attending meetings and understanding the nature of clients' businesses or lives;
• foreseeing clients' insurance needs, such as policy renewals;
• researching insurance companies' policies and negotiating with underwriters to find the most suitable insurance for clients at the best price;
• arranging specialised types of insurance cover in complex cases; this may involve preparing reports for insurance underwriters and surveyors and negotiating with insurers;
• advising clients on risk management, and helping to devise new ways to mitigate risks, for example, by adding security measures such as fencing, surveillance cameras or lighting to commercial properties to reduce the likelihood of break-ins;
• renewing or amending existing policies;
• advising clients whether and when they need to make a claim on their policies;
• marketing and acquiring new clients;
• developing relationships with underwriters, surveyors, photographers, structural engineers and other professionals;
• administrative tasks such as dealing with paperwork, correspondence, keeping detailed records;
• winning accounts against competitors;
• keeping up with changes in the insurance market and in the clients' industries;
• collecting insurance premiums and processing accounts
While all of the above are the responsibilities of the MD, it is expected that you will build a team to help you in the implementation of the objectives and in achieving these responsibilities.

Skills and Experience
• Candidates must be dynamic, intelligent, and have practical industry experience with a strong understanding of technology.
Other Requirements
• Must be a trained insurance professional with up to date certification and testing in the relevant areas
• Must have 5+ years post certification experience - Chartered Insurance Institute
• Must have operating experience in senior management roles and in particular in the execution of new projects and launching of new products
• Demonstrated understanding of key laws and rules guiding insurance brokers, insurance companies and customers in this market
• Demonstrated understanding of the use of technology in doing your work and the opportunities in using technology in the insurance industry
• Ability to lead and manage a team of professionals
• Minimum of BS/BA degree or equivalent education
• Excellent written and oral communications, good organization speed to execute work, maturity, and sense of judgment
• Must have integrity and high sense of ethical responsibility

Salary and Package
• Competitive and negotiable

Method of Application
Interested applicants should forward their CVs to: hem _

Closing Date: 6th January, 2011.

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